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Arawelo (Somali: Caraweelo), also known as Araweelo, Araweilo, and Arraweelo, was a Somali Queen in 15 AD. Like many female rulers, Arawelo fought for women’s liberation; she believed society should be based on a matriarchy. She was one of the earliest female rulers in the world, and she was known to castrate males, because then they would be incapable of being a threat to women. The queen was also well known for defying sex roles and during her reign, Arawelo’s husband objected to her self-ascribed role as the breadwinner to all of society, he thought that that kind of work belonged to men and that women were better left to do what they did best, housework and childcare. In response, Arawelo demanded that all women across the land abandon their womanly role in society, and started hanging men by their testicles. Arawelo thought this role reversal was necessary since she saw women as natural peacekeepers. Growing up she noticed that men were more often instigators, participators and conductors of war. She did not only fight for the liberation of women in society but for the dominance of women as she saw them as better, more efficient leaders.
It is supposed that the grave of Araweelo is somewhere in Sanaag. People say that men throw stones on it while women put green leaves and flowers on it for the respect of her memory.




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